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All Yuffie merchandise is Japan only, so you'll have to import them into your country! If Yuffie merchandise outside of Japan has been spotted let me know!


Master Materia
A fanmade Yuffie set including master command materia
Made from wood. It's so nice and quite accurate too!
Interesting. Light your fags with Yuffie :P
Keychain 2
Another version of the keychain but it doesn't look right x_x Her arm seems to be the wrong way around.
Keychain 4
Yuffie FFVII clock!
Clock 2
T-shirt 2


The first Yuffie figure of her original attire by Kotobukiya. She costs around $60 and is around 8" in height. Model kits of this are also available, but may not include the base. This prepainted model has loads of detail on it and may be a better choice.
Yuffie's Advent Children costume by Kotobukiya - Play Arts series 2. The figure measures around 190mm with 20 points of articulation. The hands are changeable (clenched fists and weapon hold) and the weapon can be taken off
This is quite rare and I'm lucky enough to get my hands on one! In the pose of FFVII
A cute little plush! Very rare! Can be expensive too, but I'm sure it's worth it!
Keychain 3
A very cute chibi version!
Toy Machine
A little toy that comes from those toy machines, only in Japan. Made by Banpresto. Very rare!
Figure 2
An uncoloured Yuffie figure! So cute!
Coke Toy
The only Coke-a-Cola toy of Yuffie! I only found out a few days ago that they was one! A great find!
Coke Toy Prototype Coke Toy Special
Whoa, a Yuffie dogtag! I saw this and it's quite pricey
Card 1
Yuffie cards from the Art Museum and Carddass sets
Card 7 Card 2 Card 8 Card 3 Card 9 Card 4 Card 10 Card 6 Card 5