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  • Admin Cardcaptor Stacey United Kingdom

    The shoutbox has now been fixed Happy 2 years ago

  • Hey Akrotiri

    Hey 7 years ago

  • Yuffie Kisaragi United Kingdom

    Will this site be updated? 8 years ago

  • Kymmi United States

    This website isn't really up to date.... the last update, that I saw, was in febuary. And it says 'no artwork for khII', when, in fact, I have seen artwork for that particular game. Luving the Yuffie, it's just the site needs to be taken better care of. 9 years ago

  • Denzel

    nice.yuffie's cute and strong but usually up to mischief Big Grin.Denzel 4-ever(final fantasy Denzel) 9 years ago

  • Jasmine

    Awesome! Really cool shrine! I'm glad I visited here, and I will surely come back soon! 9 years ago

  • Admin Cardcaptor Stacey United Kingdom

    Welcome to Flowered Ninja! Please enjoy your stay Happy 9 years ago

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