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Just a few little things before you submit your question:-

  • Remember the name you enter in the field below will be displayed on the site, although your email won't. That's for the webmistress to email you back when Yuffie has answered your question.
  • Yuffie is a very busy girl hunting down materia, so keep your questions short and sweet. Questions will be answered at the beginning of every month
  • Yuffie doesn't mind how many questions you ask, as long as they aren't stupid. Yuffie does get very angry and goes to beat up Cloud, so be very cautious. Those kind of questions tend to be deleted so she doesn't do that!
  • No questions saying stuff like "will you have sex with me" etc. Such questions as that will be deleted
  • No more questions about Vincent and Yuffie being lovers, such questions (or similar) will be deleted!! You will receive no notice of that
  • Please try not to ask questions that relate to our world. Yuffie does not understand.
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