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相合傘 aiaigasa Under One Umbrella
会いたい aitai Want To Meet
碧い檸檬 aoi remon Unripe Lemon
あした、天気になれ。 ashita, tenki ni nare. Tomorrow, The Weather Will Be Fine.
儚く強く hakanaku tsuyoku Transient and Strong
花のように hana no you ni Like A Flower
向日葵 himawari Sunflower
homegirl homegirl Homegirl
ほうき星 houki boshi Comet
If-日本語version- If -nihongo version- If -Japanese Version-
今が大好き ima ga daisuki I'm Now Loved
祈り inori Prayer
かえり道 kaerimichi Return to the Road
真冬のVeil mafuyu no veil Midwinter Veil
マイ☆ラバ MAI*RABA My*Lover
もっとふたりで motto futari de More Together
願いはひとつ negai wa hitotsu One Wish
思い出にできない omoide ni dekinai Don't Make Memories
オレンジの初恋 ORENJI no hatsukoi First Orange Love
Rock Star Rock Star Rock Star
タッチ TACCHI Touch
手をつないで te wo tsunaide Hand In Hand
ゆびきり-日本語version- yubikiri -nihongo version- Promise -Japanese Version-
夢の続き yume no tsudzuki Dream Sequel


오디션 (Time2Rock) **** Audition
앨리스 Alice Alice
비밀번호 486 bi mil buhn ho 486 Password 486
Delete Delete Delete
기다리다 gidarida Waiting
꼬마 I Cry ggo ma - I cry Young Person I Cry
고백하기 좋은 날 go baek ha ki jo eun nal A Good Day to Confess
Fly Fly Fly
Hello Beautiful Day Hello Beautiful Day Hello Beautiful Day
If If If
今が大好き ima ga daisuki I'm Now Loved
祈り inori Prayer
오늘만 oh neul man Only Today
속마음 sok ma eum Inside My Mind
어린욕심 feat. Wheesung uh rin yok shim feat. Wheesung Young Avarice
연애조건 yuhn ae jo guhn Love Condition
ゆびきり - -
Lyrics from Cherry Blossom Garden, BoAjjang & Cori-Chan - some are modified by Motto Younha


Release: 1st September 2008 [more]


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