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고윤하 - Younha - ユンナ

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Birth Name: Go Younha (surname first)
Birthday: 29th April, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Family: Father, mother, younger sister and grandmother
Languages: Korean, Japanese, English
Special Talents: Playing on the piano and PC without looking
Motto: "Doing my best today with no expectations for tomorrow"

Person she respects: Her father
Hobbies: Piano and PC
Favourite Music Artists: Alicia Keys, ソン・シ・ギョン & 平原綾香
Respected Artists: Ray Charles, イ・スン・チョル、シン・スン・フン
First CD's Bought: H.O.T - Candy & Beethoven - Moonlight
First Favourite Japanese Artist: X-Japan
Favourite Subjects: English & History
Favourite Sport: Skiing
Favourite Books: Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code & サン・テグジュペリ -星の王子さま
Favourite Films: Love Actually, Phantom of the Opera & 私の頭の中の消しゴム
Favourite Foods: Sushi, タッカルビ、トッポキ & ラポキ
Favourite Places: Denver (U.S.A), アプグジョン (Korea), a movie set and nightclub


Release: 1st September 2008 [more]


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