"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory"

Sir Francis Drake, 1587

Nathan Drake

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Occupation: Treasure hunter
Birthdate: Unknown (29)
Played by: Nolan North

An experienced treasure hunter and deep-sea salvage expert, "Nate" travels the world in pursuit of legendary sunken wrecks and rumoured lost gold. He operates in the murky world of international fortune seekers, antiquities dealers and smugglers, but unlike others in his line of work, Nate claims to be driven more by the thrill of the hunt than by treasure itself. Exploration may even run in his blood – a family legend holds that he is descended from Sir Francis Drake, the 16th century Vice Admiral of the English navy.

Elena Fisher

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Occupation: Journalist
Birthdate: 3rd December 1984
Played by: Emily Rose

After coming to prominence in a popular survival reality TV show, Elena scored her dream job: hosting her very own archaeology programme on a well-known cable channel. It's a good show, but the budget is pretty small – Elena not only produces and presents, she also lugs and operates all her own equipment. Still, the financiers managed to cough up enough cash to fund an expedition to recover the coffin of Sir Francis Drake, buried at sea over 400 years ago...

Victor Sullivan

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Occupation: Conman
Birthdate: Unknown (60's)
Played by: Richard McGonagle

Nate's occasional business partner and one-time mentor. A seasoned adventurer and explorer, "Sully" is the consummate conman who loves captivating an audience with a good yarn. His stories are always believable and the old scoundrel puts his skill to good use when charming potential investors or swindling buyers. But surely, one day he's going to push the wrong guy too far...