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The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police cover

Sam & Max: Freelance Police!!!

Episodes: 24
Running time: 10-12 minutes

Episode 1
The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It
Episode 2
The Second Show Ever
Episode 3
Max's Big Day
Episode 4
Bad Day on the Moon
Episode 5
They Came From Down There
Episode 6
The Friend for Life
Episode 7
The Dysfunction of the Gods
Episode 8
Big Trouble at the Earth's Core
Episode 9
A Glitch in Time
Episode 10
That Darn Gator
Episode 11
We Drop at Dawn
Episode 12
Christmas Bloody Christmas
Episode 13
It's Dangly Deever Time
Episode 14
Aaiiieee Robot
Episode 15
The Glazed McGuffin Affair
Episode 16
The Tell Tale Tail
Episode 17
The Trouble with Gary
Episode 18
Tonight We Love
Episode 19
The Invaders
Episode 20
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Episode 21
Little Bigfoot
Episode 22
Fools Die on Friday
Episode 23
Sam & Max vs. the Uglions
Episode 24
The Final Episode