Sam & Max Mini-site & Fanlisting


Do you have any weapons of mass destruction?

Still stuck? Don't despair, ask me and I'll help you:


Who are Sam & Max?

Read the Sam & Max page.

Where is a good place to buy Sam & Max stuff?

I get my stuff straight from the Telltale Games store. Many items come and go like the Max tshirts and various posters (especially those that are signed). The games, Surfin' the Highway book, the animated series DVD and soundtracks are always in the store.


Can you upload games/soundtracks on your site?

No way. Buy your own your own stuff!

Are you making a Sam & Max forum?

Love to sometime.

Can I use your content on my site?

You may take the images, but not not take my wallpapers or any text. I wrote it all myself. It's taken me many hours to create this site.


I can't get Hit the Road working!

Hit the Road will work in any operating system you may have (even consoles and handhelds) by using ScummVM.

How do I get the Telltale games working in Mac OS X, Linux, BSD and Solaris?

You can get them working in Wine. Wine allows you to use Windows applications without the need of installing Windows. There are a few tutorials around but the best is made by Cassidy (install instructions as a PDF). You may need to play about with the settings and I would only suggest to do that if you have good knowledge of the Unix-based terminals and the understanding of the commands in the tutorial.

Unfortunately at the time of writing, there are no ports of Sam & Max: Season One for Mac OS X. To remedy this, Wine is also available for OS X, repackaged as Winebottler.

TV Show

Will the DVD work if I buy it straight from Telltale?

Yes, the DVD isn't region coded so it will play in any country