Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

ロロナのアトリエ ~アーランドの錬金術士

Developed by: Gust
Published by: Gust, NIS America, NIS Europe

Japan 25th June 2009
North America 28th September 2010
Europe 22nd October 2010

Japan cover
Japan box art

United Kingdom cover
United Kingdom box art

North America cover
North America box art

Rorona, Corderlia and Astrid in front of the workshop

Atelier Rorona is a unique game. There's no saving the world, just your workshop which has been threatened by the kingdom of closure. The objective is to complete 12 assignments over 3 years – 4 assignments per year. Each assignment is graded on the quality and/or quantity of items submitted to Sterk. Up to 10 stars can be rewarded for each task. Getting 0-2 stars will result in an automatic game over and unfortunately nothing can save you from that, unless you can revert back to an earlier save with sufficient time to get at least 3 stars for a "pass". 3-5 stars will give you one big star, 5-7 gives 2 big stars and 8-10 will give you 3 big stars (the best you can get). Stars are important as they determine your ending. There's 13 possible endings only one is viewable at a time. Doing "well" will require you to get 94+ stars throughout all 12 assignments. Sounds simple, right? Well, time flies and it can pass too fast if you aren't careful. There's 3 ways time can pass; 1: by sleeping at the workshop; 2: by travelling outside of Arland and 3: creating items via alchemy.

The other way which affects the ending is front quests. Esty at the castle will offer you "quests" which requires items to be gathered or made and later on after accepting a few requests, a new type unlocks: bounty requests. Bounty requests are simple. You go out and kill monsters. Each front request you accept, tallies up your reputation. To do "well" for front requests, you need at least 80% reputation, viewable when you check Rorona's status on the menu.


These tips contain spoilers where items are obtainable. Read at your own risk.

1. Get the Windrider recipe from a treasure chest in the Lost City as soon as possible. The Lost City is a secret area which is discovered by going to Nabel Lake. By using a Bomb Ice, it will lead you across to a new path, and a new area. In the next area, you will need a lot of Air Drops to breath underwater. The recipe is near the end of the dungeon.

2. The Tera Bomb is amazing. It's very useful especially if you are completing the monster encyclopedia. Make it just right and you can blow away any enemy in one go. You can get the recipe in a treasure chest in Ster Highlands.