Rorolina Frixell


An unfortunate 17-year-old alchemist-in-training who is forced to save the workshop.

Age: 17
Height: 148cm
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Baking pies

Cordelia von Feuerbach


She's caring and cordial but has a short temper. Rorona's childhood friend.

Age: 16
Height: 139cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Collecting jewellery

Lionela Heinze


An introverted puppeteer who is extrememly shy in front of strangers.

Age: 19
Height: 153cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Talking to her puppets

Astrid Zexis


Rorona's alchemy master. Her genius is rarely found in the world of alchemy, but she's also a huge troublemaker.

Age: 29
Height: 162cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Picking on her pupil



Rorona's quiet and unemotional pupil...?

Age: Unknown
Height: 142cm
Blood Type: Unknown
Hobby: None

Iksel Jahnn


A hot-blooded chef who runs a restaurant all by himself.

Age: 18
Height: 164cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Cooking

Sterkenburg Cranach


A quiet, loyal knight of Arland.

Age: 28
Height: 184cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Feeding his pigeon



A wandering musician who loves girls.

Age: 22
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Spending time with beautiful ladies



A strong, self-proclaimed retiree.

Age: 46
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: None

Tiffani Hildebrand


A widow who runs the sundry shop.

Age: 26
Height: 159cm
Blood Type: O
Hobby: None

Hagel Boldness


The owner of the weapon shop.

Age: 39
Height: 190cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: None

Pamela Ibis


A ghost who posessed a teddy bear.

Age: About 17
Height: Around 148cm
Blood Type: Maybe O
Hobby: None

Meredith Alcock


The Minister of Arland.

Age: 48
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: None