Series 3: 2012

13 episodes
  1. Bryan's Brain
    Karl has another movie idea; this one starring Tom Cruise playing a man... in the body of Tom Cruise.
  2. Comic Relief
    Karl, Stephen and Ricky shed new light on charitable causes.
  3. Armed Forces
    Karl explains why he'd like to join the Army and recounts his most harrowing acts of bravery.
  4. Room 102
    In an altered version of Room 101, Karl decides what things that annoy him belong in "Room 102".
  5. Karl's Day
    Karl walks Ricky and Stephen through an average day in his life.
  6. The English
    Karl, Ricky and Stephen talk about what it means to be English.
  7. Law & Order
    Ricky, Stephen and Karl talk about Capital Punishment, the Ten Commandments, and Hostage Negotiation.
  8. Medicine
    Karl shares his thoughts on medical advancements and how being sick makes him feel better.
  9. Earth
    Karl contemplates the beginning of the universe, evolution, recycling, and toilets abroad.
  10. Society
    Karl, Ricky and Stephen discuss the laws of society and civil rights.
  11. Wartime
    Karl ponders the meaning of popular wartime expressions and what life is like for a soldier's spouse.
  12. World Cup
    Ricky and Stephen reminisce about watching the World Cup in a hotel room, and the awkward situation of sharing the bed.
  13. The Year
    In the final episode of The Ricky Gervais Show Karl discusses his highlight of the year, watching an unidentified arthropod steal a biscuit crumb. Plus the final reading from Karl's diary.
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