Series 1: 2010

13 episodes
  1. Space Monkey
    Topics include Karl's take on population control, the first monkey in space, and paranormal activity (or "weird stuff", as Karl puts it), including a cursed tankard, flies and a condom, and a spooky shopping list.
  2. Knob at Night
    Topics include a lion-mutilation story in Cambodia; What to know about donating to charities; Public nudity; Violence in animal sanctuaries; Sexual aids for men and women.
  3. Charity
    Topics include Karl’s theory on a reverse-aging process; Charitable gifts for families in need; The merits of space travel; A choice of superpowers; Personal mottoes. Also: a “Monkey News” segment about a Moscow TV station.
  4. Dolphins
    Karl admits that he is getting a face rub at a spa; The customs of undocumented tribes in New Guinea; Ricky and Karl’s trip to an antiquities store; A fan’s e-mail warns of dangerous dolphins.
  5. Glass Houses
    Karl answers questions from fans; Karl deciphers the true meaning of sayings; Karl's New Year's resolution; "Monkey News."
  6. Cobblers
    A fan asks Karl which body part he could live without; Fan mail questions for Karl; "Monkey News."
  7. The Diary
    Ricky and Stephen read passages from Karl's diary; Nicknames; "Monkey News."
  8. Nuts
    Karl answers fan E-mails, Stephen reads more from Karl's diary; Karl discusses how he would redesign animals; "Monkey News."
  9. The Jockey
    Questions for Karl; Karl's Diary; Monkey News.
  10. The Fight
    Karl discusses his teaching methods; Questions for Karl; Karl's Diary; Monkey News.
  11. Beetles
    Karl gives advice for Valentine's Day; Karl imagines what it would be like to be a beetle; Karl's Diary; final Monkey News.
  12. Noises
    Inside the Actors Studio questionnaire; Karl discusses the afterlife; Karl's Diary.
  13. Freaks
    Inside the Actors Studio questionnaire; Karl's Diary; Karl's Top 5 Freaks.
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