Mordecai's picture

Voiced by: J. G. Quintel

Mordecai is quite mature and sensible, but usually goes along with Rigby's troublemaking because he's competitive. Mordecai likes video games and playing Punchies against Rigby, knowing Rigby always loses. He has a big crush on Margaret, the waitress at the local café.


Rigby's picture

Voiced by: William Salyers

A 23-year-old raccoon, Rigby is much sillier and louder than his good friend Mordecai, and often relies on him for getting himself out of trouble, though there have also been times where Rigby has saved Mordecai!


Benson's picture

Voiced by: Sam Marin

A living gumball machine, Benson is Mordecai and Rigby's angry boss. The two frequently infuriate him due to their laziness and so he doesn't trust them very much. Benson's a responsible and hard-working grounds-keeper.


Skips's picture

Voiced by: Mark Hamill

A Yeti who is far older than he seems, Skips has to perform a ceremonial dance every year on his birthday to make him immortal. He tends to have a solution to all the problems Mordecai and Rigby cause, usually by some sort of contraption he rigs up instantly.


Pops's picture

Voiced by: Sam Marin

A lollipop man who is always in a jolly mood, Pops gets excited about almost every situation, and doesn't always make much sense. He also seems to like mischievous Mordecai and Rigby more than he likes responsible Benson!

Character info credit to: Cartoon Network.