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young sorcerer
Merlin's picture
Played by: Colin Morgan

Merlin will one day grow up to be the greatest wizard the world will ever know. For now he's just a young man, leaving home for the first time and entering the exciting world of Camelot. Will he find his true destiny?

Prince Arthur

future King
Prince Arthur's picture
Played by: Bradley James

Blessed with good looks and outstanding fighting ability, Prince Arthur is heir to Uther's throne and has the future of Camelot on his shoulders.


court physician
Gaius's picture
Played by: Richard Wilson

As Camelot's humble court physician, Gaius has learnt to keep his head down but Merlin's arrival on his doorstep changes everything.

Uther Pendragon

King of Camelot
Uther Pendragon's picture
Played by: Anthony Head

King Uther may be a tyrant, but he has restored peace to Camelot after years of chaos. His hatred of magic runs deep and he will stop at nothing to banish it from the land forever.


servant and friend to Morgana
Gwen's picture
Played by: Angel Coulby

Gwen might only be a servant but she is noble of heart and counts her mistress Morgana as a close friend, despite the difference in their station. Gwen is short for Guinevere.


King Uther's ward
Morgana's picture
Played by: Katie McGrath

The orphaned ward of King Uther, Morgana is a feisty, spirited girl and her beauty is unparalleled in the kingdom.

The Great Dragon

Merlin's mentor
The Great Dragon's picture
Played by: John Hurt

The Great Dragon has lived for centuries and knows all the secrets of the past and prophecies of the future.


Lancelot's picture
Played by: Santiago Cabrera

Lancelot travels to Camelot to offer his services as a great fighter. From humble beginnings he has dreams of becoming a great knight and protecting Camelot. However his upbringing prevents that from being so, as a knight of Camelot must be of noble blood.