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Hello there! ★ Welcome to Before the Dawn, the approved fanlisting for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, listed under the Games (Computer, Console, & Video Games) category, at the If you are a fan, take a look around and join the love. Not sure what a fanlisting is? Don't worry, head over to the about page for an explanation.


This fanlisting was born on 26th July 2015 and is run by the webmistress, Cardcaptor Stacey on her fanlisting script, CCStacey List. Currently, there's 7 members from 3 countries.

Member Log

Fans are checked and added to all fanlistings, at the same time, every few days. The member log is only amended when new fans have joined. Member checks were last completed on 3rd December 2017.

31st August 2017 Vii = 7
22nd June 2017 Sarah = 6
9th April 2016 Crystal = 5
17th February 2016 Robin = 4
25th January 2016 Nori = 3
8th August 2015 LINDSAY = 2

Fanlisting Updates

10th April 2016 Fixed United Kingdom not linking in fans

10th February 2016 Google Analytics; Modernizr script; cookie banner notice; outdated browser warning

15th September 2015 Fixed "random on network" showing a blank image

9th August 2015 Minor CSS changes

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