Minnya no Putter Golf / Everybody's Putter Golf with TORO

Minnya no Putter Golf
Everybody's Putter Golf with Toro
Total trophies 10 Gold trophy 1 Silver trophy 4 Bronze trophy 5

Bronze trophy Bronze trophy Real Shot Hole in One / 体感ホールインワン
What an amazing hole in one! Congratulations on a great shot! No cash prize though since this is just a game, so everything's hunky-dory.
Score a hole in one with your Sixaxis controller. 1st hole is very easy.

Bronze trophy Bronze trophy Superb Hole Outs / 全力カップイン
You were on fire the whole game! Winning requires patience and cool calculation, not to mention nerves of steel!
Easier than it sounds. Play good and you'll get it without any hassle.

Bronze trophy Bronze trophy Jasmine got A Rank / ジャスミンでAランク達成
Feels great!
Just get A rank with Jasmine. Simple.

Bronze trophy Bronze trophy TORO got A Rank / トロでAランク達成
Makes one think, "Wow, really?"
This time, A rank with Toro.

Bronze trophy Bronze trophy Eagle / イーグル
One stroke below eagle is double-eagle--like on a coat of arms. I'm doing pretty darn good.
An eagle is when you score -2 with a hole at least 4 par. 8th hole is the easiest.

Silver trophy Silver trophy Consecutive Holes in One / 連続ホールインワン
So this is what three consecutive holes in one is like. But no matter how many you make, it still feels the same.
Best done on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd hole.

Silver trophy Silver trophy You beat Jasmine! / ジャスミンに勝利!
You sure are jazzin' it up, champ.
Jasmine's AI can be quite dumb. Get at least par and you should achieve it without a problem.

Silver trophy Silver trophy Pro Golfer S / プロゴルファーS
"S" is for "Star," as in "Sirius," as in "Seriously, you can't beat me."
Score a good game of -6 to -8.

Silver trophy Silver trophy Super Golfer SS / スーパーゴルファーSS
That's two stars, boy, just in case you needed a reminder of how "Sirius" a "Star" I am!
Requires you to play very good with a score of -9 to -11.

Gold trophy Gold trophy Master Golfer SSS / マスターゴルファーSSS
That's SSS: a "Sirius" Super Star!
The hardest trophy of them all. Score at least a near perfect game of -12. A perfect game is -15.

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