Toro / トロ

Toro's picture

Birthday: 6th May
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A

A white cat who enjoys wearing costumes. He dreams of becoming human. The lead of the series.

Kuro / クロ

Kuro's picture

Birthday: ?
Gender: Male
Blood Type: ?

A black cat, Toro's best friend and a rival. He first appeared on the PlayStation 2. He likes girls and is quite perverted.

Ricky / リッキー

Ricky's picture

Birthday: 4th January
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB

A green frog who is very competitive. He enjoys sports and challenging friends.

Pierre / ピエール

Pierre's picture

Birthday: 14th November
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A

A French-Japanese brown dog and a Francophile (but enjoys other cultures too).

Jun / ジュン

Jun's picture

Birthday: 28th August
Gender: Female
Blood Type: O

An American-Japanese rose rabbit with a crush on Toro. She has a habit of stomping her feet.

Suzuki / スズキ

Suzuki's picture

Birthday: 13th September
Gender: Male
Blood Type: TYPE B5W-40

A four-face metallic robot with an interest in science. He expresses emotions by turning his head to reveal different faces.

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