Our hero Chocobo

Chocobo accompanies Cid as he journeys all over the world hunting for lost treasure. His gentle nature belies a fierce strength and desire to protect his friends. Also very intelligent, Chocobo is able to master a variety of jobs to suit any occasion.


The legendary treasure hunter Cid

Cid travels the world in search of treasure with his partner, Chocobo. A gifted inventor, he employs his unique gadgets to ensure that his mission will always be a success. He wanders into Lostime while searching for a hidden treasure that can change the world.


The good-hearted white mage Shirma

Shirma lives on her Aunt Stella's farm at the edge of Lostime. She is always taking care of others, and is nice to Chocobo and Raffaello. She seems to worry an awful lot, but that makes her a good counter to her aunt, who sometimes seems too laid back. Although she is a gentle girl, she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.


A kind-hearted mother figure Stella

Stella manages a farm on the outskirts of Lostime. A great cook--her biscuits have made the local town cafe famous. In addition to running the farm and cooking, she also takes care of her orphaned niece, Shirma. She took Shirma in when she noticed that her niece started to lose her memories after hearing the bell in the town's clocktower.

Major Gale

The confused leader Major Gale

As the Mayor of Lostime, he has a lot on his mind--or would, if he didn't keep forgetting things. Mayor Gale's memories could be a clue as to what's going on.


The mysterious boy Raffaello

One day, Raffaello simply fell out of the sky and into the lives of the people of Lostime. It's obvious he's not a normal boy, because he grows up very fast. He also has the power to help restore people's lost memories by creating a labyrinth of memories. Since he came to Lostime, the townspeople have started to change, and some have started to regard him as a savior. But Raffaello does not see himself that way.


The mysterious black mage Croma

Croma is shrouded in mystery, and seems to be accompanied by a constant shadow. Her unexpected appearances unnerve the others, and her true motives are hard to determine. As Chocobo tries to restore the townspeople's memories, Croma sometimes appears and offers help and sometimes stands in his way.


The attractive blacksmith Freja

The town blacksmith, Freja runs the forge in Lostime; her skill with her blacksmith's hammer is legendary. A straight-shooting girl, Freja says what's on her mind. She also has a soft spot and can be easily moved. She is the object of desire to many of the town's bachelors.


The smiling waitress Meja

Meja waits tables at the local cafe, and is always smiling. Unlike Freja, Meja is quiet and reserved. She has always been frail and somewhat shy, but her smiling face and winning personality make her a popular draw at the cafe.


The crafty competitor Irma

Irma, like Cid, is a treasure hunter. She and her partner Volg search the world for rare finds, often in competition with Cid and Chocobo. Beautiful, smart, and avaricious, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and do what it takes to win. More often than not, she is a thorn in Cid's side.


This misfit Volg

Originally a lonesome Black Chocobo who used to live only to fight, Volg has a somewhat cynical view of the world. However, after his life was saved by Irma, he devoted himself to her, becoming her partner and never leaving her side.

Dungeon Hero X

A masked Moogle Dungeon Hero X

A masked hero who appears at times to give Chocobo all sorts of helpful information on dungeons. There's something familiar about him, but his true identity remains a secret. A rumour presists, however, that he is far more than just Dungeon Hero X.

Merchant Hero X

The master seller Merchant Hero X

Merchant Hero X sure gets around. He can be found in the bank and also, at times, in dungeons. It's always a good idea to check in with him and see what he has to offer.

Pop-Up Hero X

The arcade master Pop-Up Hero X

Another mysterious hero who appears to unmask the evil in the world, all the while hiding behind a mask of his own--that's Pop-Up Hero X. Mostly he hangs out in the Mog House and gives advice on Pop-Ip Duels. Again, he looks strangely familiar...