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Stan Smith

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Voiced by: Seth MacFarlane
Profession: CIA Agent
Parents: Jack and Betty Smith (separated)

Has worked for the CIA since the 1980s as a "weapons expert" always on the alert for terrorist activity. As of the first episode of Season 2, his official job title is apparently "Deputy Deputy Director", although the official announcement of his promotion was not shown to viewers. Since then his work has included the interrogation of possible terrorists. He can be quite paranoid and protective: he has a terror-alert color code on his refrigerator, and is so high-strung as to shoot the toaster when the toast pops up. Stan is in mostly top physical shape, though he has a bit of a gut (which strangely enough is only portrayed on him when he has no shirt, when he has a shirt he appears quite in shape), and has no qualms about kidnapping, drugging, or tasering anybody, even family members, if he sees it as a means to an end. In one episode, he kidnaps American actress and singer Hilary Duff to date his nerdy son Steve. He worships Ronald Reagan, quoting his speeches and even going as far as choosing a dog because it was alive during Reagan's administration. He is startlingly out of touch with international events, has a very itchy trigger finger, and loves Mr. Pibb. He also drives a black Ford Explorer. It has been noted by Seth MacFarlane on the DVD commentary for the American Dad pilot, that he is based on the announcers of 1950s American anti-communist propaganda films. He also has a great obsession with cleaning and collecting guns, and constantly carries (and often uses at inappropriate times) two Glock 17s. He also owns an AR-15, MAC-10, a "pen gun", a MP5, and what he calls a "sword gun" (a mix of a Glock 17 and a kitchen knife), all of which are stored in his wife's spice pantry, who does not seem to notice them. Viewers who look closely can see a large amount of ammunition and even grenades stored there. He stores weapons in random places around the house. During a mock robbery, Stan screams, "Hayley! Get the gun from the China cabinet!" He once opined, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns defend people from people with smaller guns."

Random Facts

  • Dislikes Jane Fonda
  • Works for the C.I.A.
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Francine Smith

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Voiced by: Wendy Schaal
Profession: Housewife
Parents: Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson (biological), Ba Ba and Ma Ma Ling (adoptive)

The sweet, stereotypical trophy housewife of Stan Smith. She keeps her own opinions and party-hearty personality mostly to herself, for the sake of her husband's ultra-conservative views. She rarely has any friends because she has no career outside of the house, and Stan always scares the neighbors. But in the 1980s, she slept with Adam Ant, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, and Dexy's Midnight Runners. She is more sympathetic to Hayley's ideologies and Steve's geekiness than Stan. Her housework is her life, although she has occasionally longed for grander things. Francine is not a natural blonde but a brunette. She once owned a muffin-selling kiosk at the mall, but it was destroyed in an explosion caused by extremist hippies. She also has a deep resentment of actor George Clooney whom she believes cost her an acting career. Francine's brain has been repeatedly damaged or tampered with by her husband in acts of foolishness ("Francine's Flashback", "Roger 'n Me"). In American Dad Vs. Family Guy Kung Fu, she looks and acts like the Statue of Liberty.

Random Facts

  • Speaks fluent Italian (1x23: Tears of a Clooney) and Mandarin (3x4: Big Trouble In Little Langley)
  • Dislikes George Clooney
  • Was adopted by Chinese parents
  • Is a surrogate mother to Liberty Belle - Greg and Terry's child
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Hayley Smith

Hayley's picture

Voiced by: Rachael MacFarlane
Profession: Student
Parents: Stan and Francine Smith

The ultra-liberal daughter of Stan and Francine. Because of her views, Stan distrusts her more than her brother. She is eighteen and goes to community college. She enjoys recreational marijuana (something that her parents are not aware of), usually with her on-again, off again boyfriend Jeff Fischer, and goes hiking with him. They are both vegetarians, although Hayley appears to be forcing her beliefs onto Jeff. In the episode "Bullocks To Stan", she broke up with Jeff to sleep with her father's boss, CIA Deputy Director Bullock, because she was looking for a guy who "can stand up to her." After Stan's intervention, she dumped Bullock and went back to her hippie boyfriend Jeff. In Saudi Arabia she slept with a Shawarma King employee because she was impressed by his (false) claim about being a tormented, conflicted member of Al Qaeda. She later broke up with Jeff.

Random Facts

  • Has a on and off boyfriend, Jeff Fischer
  • Protects the environment
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Steve Smith

Steve's picture

Voiced by: Scott Grimes
Profession: Student
Parents: Stan and Francine Smith

The highly-impressionable fourteen-year-old son of Stan and Francine. Roger seems to be his best friend. Steve goes to extreme measures to raise his social status and get dates, yet he actually knows very little about sex. Although he was stereotypically whiny in the pilot episode, in the regular series he is confident and smart, but still socially inept. He plays Dungeons & Dragons with his three best human friends. He reads Elvish, and had a brief fling with a senior citizen (when criticized for having a relationship with someone with wrinkles, he responds, "So do raisins! But they taste pretty sweet!") Steve has come into conflict with Stan, who wants Steve to follow in his footsteps, often criticising his (nerdy) friends and habits. A most prominent example of this is in the Star Trek episode, in which Steve gets legally divorced from his family. His design changed dramatically from the character shown in a Family Guy DVD clip. Steve once had a vision of God while lost in the Arabian desert, but God took the form of Angelina Jolie.

Random Facts

  • Likes Dungeons and Dragons
  • Speaks Elvish
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Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker
Profession: None
Parents: Unknown

The result of the CIA swapping a libidinous East German Olympic ski-jumper's mind with those of a goldfish in order to prevent him from winning the gold medal. Klaus manifests some sadistic tendencies, usually offering the explanation, "I'm German!", and lusts after Francine. In the "Finances With Wolves" episode, Klaus switched his goldfish body for that of a black man's, and almost ran off with Francine, but the body was destroyed in the aftermath of an explosion at the mall, which also destroyed Francine's short lived muffin-selling kiosk, and his brain was placed in another goldfish's body. He is extremely tolerant of various environments other than his fish bowl: while the average goldfish will die even in tapwater, Klaus has swum in a washing machine, a Thermos of coffee, and frequently perches himself out of the water. Klaus's brain swap was said to be during the "1986 Winter Olympics" (when in real-life, the Winter Olympics were held in 1984 and 1988). His voice is modeled after Peter Lorre's. In the German dubbed version of American Dad!, Klaus speaks in a Saxon dialect, which is offensive to many East Germans but considered funny among German native speakers outside of Saxony. His behaviour in the German version is reminiscent of an ex-Stasi agent and he has dropped a few hints of once being attached to the Stasi agency. In the season 2 episode "Of Ice And Men", Klaus is shown in the future as an old man with a grandson, evidently having regained a human body, and hints that he may have been a monkey at some point too.

Random Facts

  • Sexually attracted to Francine
  • Was an East German Olympic ski-jumper
  • Often uses German phases
  • Favourite TV shows include Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs
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Roger's picture

Voiced by: Seth MacFarlane
Profession: Multiple via various personas
Parents: Mother (deceased)

The sarcastic, alcoholic, surly, lonely, aloof, and flamboyantly effeminate space alien who saved Stan's life in Area 51. He spends his time smoking, drinking and eating (mainly unhealthy foods). Roger is an avid film, television and celebrity buff. He is not allowed to leave the house and the family conceals his existence, although he has left on a few occasions in various disguises including a frilly dress, gloves and hat which caused him to be mistaken for a senior citizen, and another ocassion pretending to be francine's wife with "established personalities" (with a disastrious result). His life as a "shut-in" has led him to develop a love of fantasy and dressing-up, and he has a particular love for wigs. He seems to know more about humans than he does about his own type and never talks about where he came from. His sexual and gender identity seems to be very fluid, as he thinks nothing of wearing dresses, acting like a stereotypical drama queen and romancing men. His voice is modeled after Paul Lynde's. Roger is in many ways a Family Guy-esque version of ALF. He has the power to defecate gold with jewels on it after eatng burritos, which became a recurring theme in the series in which people who have found it become greedy and often meet a horrible end. His age is currently unknown, but he is at least 60 due to the episode where he mentions being the Roswell alien.

Random Facts

  • Regularly uses disguises to "blend" into society
  • Was saved by Stan from the C.I.A.
  • Is over 1600 years old
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