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Welcome to's Listing Collective! This is the home to my growing fanlistings (and a few listings from other networks), all separated for easier navigation in current - organised via category. If you like what you see, affiliate your site with mine or get yourself on the keep in mind list, to be contacted when I put up one of my fanlistings for adoption. Also you can check out my wishlist for the fanlistings I am dying to own.

All fanlistings are valid HTML5 / XHTML strict and CSS. The fanlisting collective itself uses valid HTML5 and CSS3. I test in as many browsers and devices as possible including the latest versions of; Firefox, Chrome, Safari (and many other lesser-known browsers you may have never heard of). My designs are created in GIMP on Mac OS X. Please give me feedback on my shoutbox!

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Collective Updates

  • 23rd January 2016

    Fixed category section text going onto new line and improved styling for it on mobile
  • 2nd October 2015

    CSS tweaks; Oldest fanlisting added to What's hot?
  • 19th September 2015

    Outdated browser warning script

Collective Journal


  • Collective opened: 11th October 2006
  • Last member check: 3rd December 2017

  • Total listings: 70 in 18 categories
  • Total members: 1730 + 2 (0.1 per day)
  • Average per fanlisting: 24.714
  • Joined: 704 in 45 categories
  • Up for adoption: 4 (0 apps)
  • KIM: 13
  • Collective affiliates: 1
  • Fanlisting affiliates: 46

What's hot?


Rick and Morty Fanlisting


Sam & Max Anime Fanlisting


Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Fanlisting


Mr.Children Fanlisting

Random Facts

The first fanlisting created was Mr. Children, on 12th October 2004.

The fanlisting with the most fans is Younha totaling 16% of all fans on this network. The category with the most fanlistings is Games with 31 in total.

A total of 40 fanlistings have been applied for since counting began on 16th August 2009. 36 were approved, 3 weren't and 1 is still pending.


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