Falco says: "Hold still and lemme shoot you." Starfox 64

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Starfox Command

Falco in Starfox Command

Starfox Command cover Original Title: スターフォックス コマンド
Developed by: Q-Games
Published by: Nintendo
Console: DS
 Japan 3rd August 2006
 America 28th August 2006
 Australia 21st September, 2006
 United KingdomEurope 26th January, 2007

In days gone by, the burning desire of Dr. Andross to rule the Lylat system filled the galaxy with the chaos of war. The mad ape sent out wave after wave of armies from his stronghold on the planet Venom, and used unique forms of radiation to create horrible monsters and terrible soldiers. His ambition swept this army across the galaxy to the planet Corneria.

It was there, however that a quartet of mercenaries known as Star Fox put an end to the threat, and the leader of the team, Fox McCloud, defeated Andross in single combat.

In the years that followed, Venom was designated a forbidden planet and placed under the rigorous watch of Cornerian forces. All was going well until a mysterious army suddenly sprung forth from the toxic seas of the planet. Controlled by a mysterious leader called the Anglar Emperor, this new threat cuts through the Lylat system like a scythe through ripe wheat. The unexpected attack once again places the peoples, cities, and culture of the Lylat system in dire peril.

But much of the shock and dismay of the Lylat people, the members of Star Fox have gone their seperate ways... leaving Fox McCloud as the lone obstacle in the Anglar army's path. Despite the odds, Fox heroically launches himself into the fray. But can he survive without the aid of his former teammates?

Falco's stats
Ship: Sky Claw
Lasers: Single
Lock: Multi
Bombs: 1
Shields: Average
Boost: Best