Falco says: "Too late. Game over, pal!" Starfox 64

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Starfox Assault

Falco in Starfox Assault

Starfox Assault cover Original Title: スターフォックス アサルト
Developed by: Namco
Published by: Nintendo
Console: Gamecube
 America 14th February, 2005
 Japan 24th February, 2005
 United KingdomEurope 29th April, 2005
 Australia 16th June, 2005

One year has passed...

After getting kicked out of Star Wolf's band of thugs, Andrew Oikonny takes control of his dead uncle Andross's remaining army and starts a rebellion. The Cornerian fleet is sent out to deal with the rebels and hostilities commence. However, Oikonny's army uses unexpected guerilla tactics and the battle takes a turn for the worse.

The exasperated General Pepper asks his old friend Peppy to help stop Oikonny and the Star Fox team takes off on a new mission!

Falco's stats
Health: 1/5
Speed: 4/5
Jump: 3/5
Arwing Skill: 5/5
Landmaster Skill: 2/5
Pilot Skill: 3/5
  • Music performed by the Tokyo New City Orchestra