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I would like to apologise for not writing a blog entry for some weeks. I'm on a very boring course. I was hoping my job would come through but unfortunately it hasn't. Haven't had too much time to get on with the stuff I usually do and when I come home I don't feel like getting stuck into web. I have a pile of stuff to do. My notepad is filled with things to fix and create. Usually just feel like playing games and I've done that. Happy I have until the middle of July left of this soul destroying course. The qualification will not last forever but I'm hoping a one of the four jobs I can applied for recently will come through. It will eventually... read more »

Destroy the world

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Completed Tomb Raider Underworld. Not a bad game at all. I would have loved it if it wasn't for the annoying glitches. How many times I've jumped into an infinity of blackness and had no choice but to reload the game data. Sad Would have liked to roam Lara's home as usual but I guess CD couldn't do that as it is part of the story. Disappointed there wasn't no final boss fight. Sad Don't think I'll be replaying the game for a little while. More likely to pick up Anniversary again first. Still don't like Lara's new face. She's not as pretty as she once was. Sad Am I the only person that thinks that? read more »

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