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Been done with inFamous for a little while. It was an awesome game. I really enjoyed it. Big Grin The storyline was gripping and I think it would work really well as a film. Big Grin Collected about 70% of the trophies, so I'll be going back to get the rest after I've done playing my other games. Getting every shard is very annoying and quite hard as you can't exactly tell where they all are! I think I've got more shards on my first save. 30 or so left. Might be easier to get them all on there instead. Tongue read more »

When the time comes, just act

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I've had to move to Acer Aspire One since the the laptop by brother gave me not too long ago was having some issues. They were different coloured lines going vertically up the screen which become very annoying. Not too sure if the slow speeds are to do with KDE4 being awkward or just the laptop itself getting old. KDE4 started out great on my Acer, but not that good now. Saturday I was unable to connect to the internet entirely. Some process just died (which launches the connection) and I'm still yet to fix it. Sad Seems to be a huge bug affecting a lot of users. Logged back on to my old laptop and it just did the same thing. :S They just did it all of a sudden! Before all that crap happened, there was a few things left to do until everything was back to how I usually have it. Sad I'm using GNOME instead until it gets fixed. Quite impressed that all my KDE applications work in it. Big Grin read more »

Here we go!

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Hopefully next month my website will get much better. My hosting is improving and if you got those annoying "invalid access to memory" then it should be no more. So I'm looking forward to it. Load times should be a lot faster too. read more »

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