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I would like to apologise for not writing a blog entry for some weeks. I'm on a very boring course. I was hoping my job would come through but unfortunately it hasn't. Haven't had too much time to get on with the stuff I usually do and when I come home I don't feel like getting stuck into web. I have a pile of stuff to do. My notepad is filled with things to fix and create. Usually just feel like playing games and I've done that. Happy I have until the middle of July left of this soul destroying course. The qualification will not last forever but I'm hoping a one of the four jobs I can applied for recently will come through. It will eventually... read more »

See you in my nightmares

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Mario Power Tennis for Wii came in the post last week. I am a little disappointed with it due to the temperamental motion controls. Nintendo should have waited and released it using the MotionPlus instead. The game itself is good with some great minigames and lots of replay value but some days I just can't be bothered with the crappy controls. I think the AI is a little off - perfect for easy and intermediate as the computer is a little stupid but harder modes I'm not too sure. With the controls it can be quite hard. read more »

Bring me to life

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Yes, I've been very quiet lately, even posting Twitter updates. Not really much going on though, other than doing a very tedious two week course about CV's, cover letters, spec letters, job searches, pointless activities, mostly stuff I had already done at university. Only got tomorrow morning and then I'm done. Can't wait until I finish. Don't want to do this again, it is so soul destroying. Waste of time. Sad Due to this course, it has totally thrown me off my web development and all the the things I had planned. Simple things like updating my blog was forgotten. Sad So much to catch up on. I've tried to make little updates here and there. Been planning for my portfolio which I really need to get done. I'll probably be changing a lot of bits on my site to include some new skills I've learnt. Really need to create a new layout for my fanlisting collective too, maybe Watchmen themed. read more »

Never Compromise

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Well I've finished the Watchmen comic. Spoiler start I wasn't that impressed with the ending to be honest but it was clever and unexpected. Spoiler end Rorschach is my favourite character. It may seem weird considering I am a girl. He maybe a unkempt psycho path to some people, maybe even disturbing and sickening but looks are deceiving. He's true to himself, honest and smart (to a degree). What's more, he makes a great pair with Nite Owl II. If you have heard, they'll be appearing in a video game together called Watchmen: The End Is Nigh which takes place before the Watchmen comics. I'm really looking forward to playing it. Hoping I will get to play it on PS3. Big Grin Keeping my fingers crossed as the screenshots look promising. I have high expectations. I've preordered a Rorschach figure (movie merchandise) for only £9.99. Can't really tell how good it is at the moment as I haven't seen any high quality images to be able to tell. I'm really excited about the film releasing in March. Big Grin I heard that the ending is going to be slightly different. The trailer looks amazing. If you haven't read Watchmen, you still have chance to. Happy It's a great read. read more »

Together Forever and Ever, Whatever

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Nothing much has gone on recently. New Year was okay. Felt a lot better. It was fun watching the countdown on Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City and using party poppers given by the major. Had some nice visits from my friend. Unfortunately a wi-fi session a few days ago decided to crash, while my friend was visiting me, so I had to do everything again. Sad Good job the session wasn't too long. I wouldn't say that the online service is that great. Although I've only had one interrupted session from about ten or so. read more »

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