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Nintendo Friend Codes suck. What possesed Nintendo to create them? They really suck. Playstation doesn't use them, you just have one global identity (username) to use on all online enabled games. If makes everything easy. I can't be bothered handing out Friend Codes for all my Wii games. Please Nintendo, get rid of it. While I'm ranting about Nintendo, the DS' wi-fi sucks as well. No WPA? WTF? Come on now, you expect us to use WEP? Have you done your wi-fi homework? Oh, and while you are still listening, we need Starfox and Kirby for Wii. Chop chop. read more »

Wonderful You

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I've been all the way through Star Fox 64 on hard. After a little practice Star Wolf at Venom were a breeze. With all my team alive and using the same technique I usually use, they were quite easy. I was a little disappointed with the ending (could have been a little more different) but enjoyed Spoiler start seeing Fox's father, James McCloud Spoiler end. I've bought Star Fox Assault on Gamecube brand new. Just waiting for it to arrive in the post. If you haven't seen the Star Fox VG Cats comic (and you are a gaming girl) you might want to check it out. Well, I found it amusing, especially the use of quotes from Star Fox 64 to imply certain things. Happy read more »

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