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Completed Tomb Raider Underworld. Not a bad game at all. I would have loved it if it wasn't for the annoying glitches. How many times I've jumped into an infinity of blackness and had no choice but to reload the game data. Sad Would have liked to roam Lara's home as usual but I guess CD couldn't do that as it is part of the story. Disappointed there wasn't no final boss fight. Sad Don't think I'll be replaying the game for a little while. More likely to pick up Anniversary again first. Still don't like Lara's new face. She's not as pretty as she once was. Sad Am I the only person that thinks that? read more »

Pure Heart

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Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City (City Folk in America) arrived on Saturday. I've been on it for about five hours. Already paid my first mortgage and got like thirty thousand bells in my savings. I've never played it on Gamecube, only the DS so it was nice to see it on my TV. Tongue I would have liked to transfer all my clothes from Wild World but at least I can order them from the catalogue instead. read more »


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Saw Quantum of Solace on Wednesday. Nice film but it didn't feel as awesome as Casino Royale. Great action sequences but weaker storyline. Although it was still enjoyable. The theme song wasn't that good. Doesn't compare to 'You Know My Name' by Chris Cornell. Sad Maybe I need to listen to it again. Tongue read more »


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Recently purchased and completed Starfox Assault on Gamecube. Enjoyed the game. I found it brand new and sealed. Even though the packaging is in Italian. The main game is in English and that's all that matters. It's not as awesome as Starfox 64 but it's great seeing the gang in 128bit. Happy The voices suck (Peppy's is okay, I suppose). I liked how you can run around freely, ride in the Landmaster and fly in the Arwing whenever, but I felt like there was a little too much on-foot action. Falco didn't disappoint but he could have been a little more like his Starfox 64 persona. The final boss was easy. I thought I had no chance since I lost a lot of lives when playing on-foot (awful controls). Definitely going to play it again to get all medals. After seeing Wolf in Assault, I've come to like him. Happy He's not the bad guy he seems from Starfox 64 but just anti-hero, awesome bad-ass. Big Grin Spoiler start My favourite scene has to be when Wolf saves Fox in Corneria. Shooting down baddies on his Wolfen's wing was cool. Neat. Happy Spoiler end Playing this makes me want Starfox for the Wii. Having two player story mode is a dream or the ability to change character. Don't get me wrong, Fox is awesome but Falco is the one for me. Love It was funny seeing Slippy's Dad, Beltino, just as retarded as his son but at least his voice isn't that bad. Tongue I'm disappointed that Slippy no longer has a 'S' on his cap. Not to represent the first letter of his name but also "I'm special" or "Stupid". Shame. Tongue I think I'll go back onto Starfox Command. Now I just need to play the original and Starfox Adventures, then I'll be happy. Big Grin read more »

What You Believe In

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I'm really happy that Obama won the U.S. Elections. Not like I'm interested in politics (not even my own country's) but it was exciting to see history in the making. America really has changed and I hope England will follow. Maybe this will make people more open minded, especially other ethics in the music industry. I can at least hope. I hated McCain but his final speech after Obama won made me change my mind. He may be an old coot, but I respect him for congratulating Obama like a man and asking his fellow voters to stand by him. I'm glad it all ended nicely. Let's all hope he will do an amazing job when he enters the White House in January. I like Obama so much I gave him his own tag. Happy read more »

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