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Nothing much has gone on recently. New Year was okay. Felt a lot better. It was fun watching the countdown on Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City and using party poppers given by the major. Had some nice visits from my friend. Unfortunately a wi-fi session a few days ago decided to crash, while my friend was visiting me, so I had to do everything again. Sad Good job the session wasn't too long. I wouldn't say that the online service is that great. Although I've only had one interrupted session from about ten or so. read more »

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Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City (City Folk in America) arrived on Saturday. I've been on it for about five hours. Already paid my first mortgage and got like thirty thousand bells in my savings. I've never played it on Gamecube, only the DS so it was nice to see it on my TV. Tongue I would have liked to transfer all my clothes from Wild World but at least I can order them from the catalogue instead. read more »


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It was my brother's birthday a few weeks ago. We went out for two games of bowling to celebrate. Afterwards we went into the arcade section and played Time Crisis 3 and Mario Kart Arcade GP (made by Namco). I played as Yoshi. Big Grin It was far too easy and too expensive for just one short race :S Not as good as Nintendo's own Mario Kart Wii Tongue read more »

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