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Completed Assassin's Creed. I really enjoyed the ending Altaïr. Tongue Looking really forward to Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, especially ACII because I love Italy. Would love to visit there one day and speak the language. Happy I think it's pretty neat you can connect Bloodlines through your PSP to the PS3 once you've completed it to get extra stuff in ACII. Big Grin I've, of course, preordered them both. Getting the black edition of ACII which includes a figure of Ezio (the new lead character), book, soundtrack, extra missions and some other cool stuff. I have no idea where this sudden fandom of Assassin's Creed has come from. Going back through the game to get flags I missed and to unlock more memories. I've joined the Assassin's Creed: Twitter Experience. It's basically a Twitter game. You are set targets to assassinate which are in fact other Twitter users. Within a few minutes of signing up I was a target. Tongue It seems so much fun! Unfortunately my target was set at like 2am so I couldn't do it because I was in bed. Sad read more »

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Mario Power Tennis for Wii came in the post last week. I am a little disappointed with it due to the temperamental motion controls. Nintendo should have waited and released it using the MotionPlus instead. The game itself is good with some great minigames and lots of replay value but some days I just can't be bothered with the crappy controls. I think the AI is a little off - perfect for easy and intermediate as the computer is a little stupid but harder modes I'm not too sure. With the controls it can be quite hard. read more »

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Yes, I've been very quiet lately, even posting Twitter updates. Not really much going on though, other than doing a very tedious two week course about CV's, cover letters, spec letters, job searches, pointless activities, mostly stuff I had already done at university. Only got tomorrow morning and then I'm done. Can't wait until I finish. Don't want to do this again, it is so soul destroying. Waste of time. Sad Due to this course, it has totally thrown me off my web development and all the the things I had planned. Simple things like updating my blog was forgotten. Sad So much to catch up on. I've tried to make little updates here and there. Been planning for my portfolio which I really need to get done. I'll probably be changing a lot of bits on my site to include some new skills I've learnt. Really need to create a new layout for my fanlisting collective too, maybe Watchmen themed. read more »


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Laptop is working again. Was the newest version of the kernel. It is a known problem with the Acer Aspire One (and a few other laptops I believe) which stops the network card functioning correctly in Kubuntu. Glad I didn't give up hope and just reverted to wiping and starting over. Never thought that that was the cause, but I did try everything so I expected the problem to be crazy. Tried uninstalling knetworkmanager and hard coding the network settings in /etc/network/interfaces. After a total of eleven days in the cold I didn't really get up to much web wise. Just did some general browsing while finding a fix. Went on my Wii for a little while but hated the fact it doesn't have tabs on the Internet Channel (Opera), instead used by brother's laptop for a little bit. read more »

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I've had to move to Acer Aspire One since the the laptop by brother gave me not too long ago was having some issues. They were different coloured lines going vertically up the screen which become very annoying. Not too sure if the slow speeds are to do with KDE4 being awkward or just the laptop itself getting old. KDE4 started out great on my Acer, but not that good now. Saturday I was unable to connect to the internet entirely. Some process just died (which launches the connection) and I'm still yet to fix it. Sad Seems to be a huge bug affecting a lot of users. Logged back on to my old laptop and it just did the same thing. :S They just did it all of a sudden! Before all that crap happened, there was a few things left to do until everything was back to how I usually have it. Sad I'm using GNOME instead until it gets fixed. Quite impressed that all my KDE applications work in it. Big Grin read more »

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