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I've wanted to play Phoenix Wright for sometime now. About three years ago a friend of mine told me about it (I've lost contact with him now) but I didn't have a DS or anything then. Now I do, I tried it out for the first time a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I started with Ace Attorney: Justice For All (which I have already completed between this entry and the last). It's been an amazing experience for me. Phoenix Wright is an awesome character with a somewhat funny personality but I've come to like Maya the most. She's fun, outgoing and keeps "Nick" on his toes. The story was very good especially case four but I heard the first game is better than this. Have to wait and see to find it. After enjoying it so much I've pre-ordered Trials and Tribulations (as it hasn't been released yet in the UK) and looking around for the 1st. Going to play those first before Apollo Justice. Tongue read more »

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