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I've got into Star Fox Command now. I've become pretty good at it after more practise. I'm definitely a big fan of Falco. I couldn't believe what he said on Slippy and Amanda's relationship. Bet you can guess from the title of this blog entry. Tongue Yes, he said "Barf!", the everyday word I personally use. That made my day. Big Grin read more »


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I've wanted to play Phoenix Wright for sometime now. About three years ago a friend of mine told me about it (I've lost contact with him now) but I didn't have a DS or anything then. Now I do, I tried it out for the first time a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I started with Ace Attorney: Justice For All (which I have already completed between this entry and the last). It's been an amazing experience for me. Phoenix Wright is an awesome character with a somewhat funny personality but I've come to like Maya the most. She's fun, outgoing and keeps "Nick" on his toes. The story was very good especially case four but I heard the first game is better than this. Have to wait and see to find it. After enjoying it so much I've pre-ordered Trials and Tribulations (as it hasn't been released yet in the UK) and looking around for the 1st. Going to play those first before Apollo Justice. Tongue read more »

Final Smash

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally here! It arrived on the 27th which is the release date for Europe. Happy Love the game. I knew I would play as Yoshi, Snake (after unlocking him) and Link before I got it. I also have some other favourites including; Falco, Kirby (so freaking cute), Toon Link and Pit. Captain Falcon cracks me up everytime with "FALCON PUNCH!". I've set Shadow Moses Island to always play the songs Yell "Dead Cell" (ultimate favourite) and Encounter. I'm quite surprised how well Snake blends into the world as every other character too. It's even more surprising a Sony-related game being in a Nintendo game but I'm very happy it's Snake. Shame you don't see much of Otacon Sad Got quite a lot of the game done but still lots of little unlocks to do like trophies and stickers. Have all the characters though. read more »

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