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Hopefully next month my website will get much better. My hosting is improving and if you got those annoying "invalid access to memory" then it should be no more. So I'm looking forward to it. Load times should be a lot faster too. read more »

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Did anyone catch Phoo Action on last Wednesday on BBC Three? I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I missed the beginning (about twenty minutes) as I forgot all about it. I knew I forgot to add something in the reminder. ^_^; Luckily the pilot got approved and they will be making six episodes for next year. I hope the show is improved though. Some elements seemed awkward. However, I love the idea of it, so much fun. I see Bruce Lee and anime influences in there or was that just me? read more »

Yay, database!

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So, I finally have a database and got this blog thing working how I want (still room for planned improvements including searching for entries by date). I have been working on this for some time now. Bits and pieces throughout the summer but mostly the last few months. Been developing it on my trusty powerful local Linux server (which happens to be my personal computer too). I have long since booted Vindows (hahaha, no way am I calling it by its correct title) out the door. さようなら! Been using Linux since May (when I finished my second year of university) and I will never look back. (Oh, and all those Mac users who say Linux sucks - both our operating system are based on Unix, smart ass. Linux runs on anything these days including Macs, Ipods, PSP's, Amazon's new thingy-me-bob, Nintendo DS and even a dead badger.) Well anyway, Linux has top class software, which does not crash and take the O.S. along with it. Since converting, you notice how many not so politically correct websites are out there. Many companies need to wake up and smell the coffee *cough*Adobe*cough* that not everyone is on Vindows anymore and your we'll-do-that-on-Linux-last-and-do-it-shabby attitude is not really on. read more »

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