Among Thieves

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Been quite occupied with stuff including lots and lots of PS3 gaming. Got a few new games (well for me). I bought Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Quantum of Solace and Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, of course all on the PS3. read more »

I'm Coming Home

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Nintendo Friend Codes suck. What possesed Nintendo to create them? They really suck. Playstation doesn't use them, you just have one global identity (username) to use on all online enabled games. If makes everything easy. I can't be bothered handing out Friend Codes for all my Wii games. Please Nintendo, get rid of it. While I'm ranting about Nintendo, the DS' wi-fi sucks as well. No WPA? WTF? Come on now, you expect us to use WEP? Have you done your wi-fi homework? Oh, and while you are still listening, we need Starfox and Kirby for Wii. Chop chop. read more »

Pure Heart

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Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City (City Folk in America) arrived on Saturday. I've been on it for about five hours. Already paid my first mortgage and got like thirty thousand bells in my savings. I've never played it on Gamecube, only the DS so it was nice to see it on my TV. Tongue I would have liked to transfer all my clothes from Wild World but at least I can order them from the catalogue instead. read more »

Final Smash

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally here! It arrived on the 27th which is the release date for Europe. Happy Love the game. I knew I would play as Yoshi, Snake (after unlocking him) and Link before I got it. I also have some other favourites including; Falco, Kirby (so freaking cute), Toon Link and Pit. Captain Falcon cracks me up everytime with "FALCON PUNCH!". I've set Shadow Moses Island to always play the songs Yell "Dead Cell" (ultimate favourite) and Encounter. I'm quite surprised how well Snake blends into the world as every other character too. It's even more surprising a Sony-related game being in a Nintendo game but I'm very happy it's Snake. Shame you don't see much of Otacon Sad Got quite a lot of the game done but still lots of little unlocks to do like trophies and stickers. Have all the characters though. read more »


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Finished all my university work now. I graduate September if all my grades go well Big Grin Got my final year project done just in time and my client has been having a little look at the website I made for him. It has a nice administration panel where you can add/edit users, add/edit content and some other minor things. The main site has logins where the user is restricted to certain pages and have subscriptions to their membership (all edited from the administration panel). It may not sound a lot but it took me a very long time to program. The sessions were very annoying as I have never used them before but got the hang of them after awhile. I worked very hard to get it all done, staying up three days straight (well, ish. Had a few one hour naps here and there). Staying up that long was hell. The constant urge to go to sleep. My mind wondered a lot, I couldn't considerate and I was very dizzy. I think I made a lot of mistakes but it all worked in the end. I guess this is the last time I use the university tag Happy read more »

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