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Well I've finished the Watchmen comic. Spoiler start I wasn't that impressed with the ending to be honest but it was clever and unexpected. Spoiler end Rorschach is my favourite character. It may seem weird considering I am a girl. He maybe a unkempt psycho path to some people, maybe even disturbing and sickening but looks are deceiving. He's true to himself, honest and smart (to a degree). What's more, he makes a great pair with Nite Owl II. If you have heard, they'll be appearing in a video game together called Watchmen: The End Is Nigh which takes place before the Watchmen comics. I'm really looking forward to playing it. Hoping I will get to play it on PS3. Big Grin Keeping my fingers crossed as the screenshots look promising. I have high expectations. I've preordered a Rorschach figure (movie merchandise) for only £9.99. Can't really tell how good it is at the moment as I haven't seen any high quality images to be able to tell. I'm really excited about the film releasing in March. Big Grin I heard that the ending is going to be slightly different. The trailer looks amazing. If you haven't read Watchmen, you still have chance to. Happy It's a great read. read more »


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Well, Christmas was shite. Sad I got ill Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was the worse. Barely ate much. Was really disappointed. Felt dizzy and lightheaded. Boxing Day wasn't much better. The afternoon I watched disc one of the Sam & Max animated series. Then later on watched some films which were on TV. After staying in bed all day until the evening, I tried to come downstairs and so bits and bobs on my laptop I bought myself lots of Japanese stuff from the 50% sale at a Japanese shop. Bought a kimono, parasol, furoshiki, chopstick holder and flower sushi plates to help myself feel better. Looking forward to receiving my purchases. Never used the online shop before. Haven't told my mum about the stuff I've bought yet but it will be a nice surprise when she comes to visit again. read more »

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