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Nintendo Friend Codes suck. What possesed Nintendo to create them? They really suck. Playstation doesn't use them, you just have one global identity (username) to use on all online enabled games. If makes everything easy. I can't be bothered handing out Friend Codes for all my Wii games. Please Nintendo, get rid of it. While I'm ranting about Nintendo, the DS' wi-fi sucks as well. No WPA? WTF? Come on now, you expect us to use WEP? Have you done your wi-fi homework? Oh, and while you are still listening, we need Starfox and Kirby for Wii. Chop chop. read more »

Unsung Heroes

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Sorry it's been so long since I last posted my blog. I've upgraded to Ubuntu 8 (from 7) and Open Office's spell checker stopped working. I just got it working. The problem was a package that needed installing called myspell-en-gb. I was just looking around on the Package Manager and just installed it to see if it worked and it did. read more »


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It was my brother's birthday a few weeks ago. We went out for two games of bowling to celebrate. Afterwards we went into the arcade section and played Time Crisis 3 and Mario Kart Arcade GP (made by Namco). I played as Yoshi. Big Grin It was far too easy and too expensive for just one short race :S Not as good as Nintendo's own Mario Kart Wii Tongue read more »


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I recently transferred to a new distro of Linux - Ubuntu. My bro put KDE on for me Happy Yay! I was quite angry with my laptop. For some reason it kept crashing when it supposedly got to about 90c but since I uninstalled the CPU monitor it has stopped. Weird, it didn't do that in Debian. Quite happy with Ubuntu though. It seems a popular choice within the Linux community. There's plenty of decent software and great support. read more »

Yay, database!

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So, I finally have a database and got this blog thing working how I want (still room for planned improvements including searching for entries by date). I have been working on this for some time now. Bits and pieces throughout the summer but mostly the last few months. Been developing it on my trusty powerful local Linux server (which happens to be my personal computer too). I have long since booted Vindows (hahaha, no way am I calling it by its correct title) out the door. さようなら! Been using Linux since May (when I finished my second year of university) and I will never look back. (Oh, and all those Mac users who say Linux sucks - both our operating system are based on Unix, smart ass. Linux runs on anything these days including Macs, Ipods, PSP's, Amazon's new thingy-me-bob, Nintendo DS and even a dead badger.) Well anyway, Linux has top class software, which does not crash and take the O.S. along with it. Since converting, you notice how many not so politically correct websites are out there. Many companies need to wake up and smell the coffee *cough*Adobe*cough* that not everyone is on Vindows anymore and your we'll-do-that-on-Linux-last-and-do-it-shabby attitude is not really on. read more »

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