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Well I've finished the Watchmen comic. Spoiler start I wasn't that impressed with the ending to be honest but it was clever and unexpected. Spoiler end Rorschach is my favourite character. It may seem weird considering I am a girl. He maybe a unkempt psycho path to some people, maybe even disturbing and sickening but looks are deceiving. He's true to himself, honest and smart (to a degree). What's more, he makes a great pair with Nite Owl II. If you have heard, they'll be appearing in a video game together called Watchmen: The End Is Nigh which takes place before the Watchmen comics. I'm really looking forward to playing it. Hoping I will get to play it on PS3. Big Grin Keeping my fingers crossed as the screenshots look promising. I have high expectations. I've preordered a Rorschach figure (movie merchandise) for only £9.99. Can't really tell how good it is at the moment as I haven't seen any high quality images to be able to tell. I'm really excited about the film releasing in March. Big Grin I heard that the ending is going to be slightly different. The trailer looks amazing. If you haven't read Watchmen, you still have chance to. Happy It's a great read. read more »


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I recently transferred to a new distro of Linux - Ubuntu. My bro put KDE on for me Happy Yay! I was quite angry with my laptop. For some reason it kept crashing when it supposedly got to about 90c but since I uninstalled the CPU monitor it has stopped. Weird, it didn't do that in Debian. Quite happy with Ubuntu though. It seems a popular choice within the Linux community. There's plenty of decent software and great support. read more »

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Did anyone catch Phoo Action on last Wednesday on BBC Three? I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I missed the beginning (about twenty minutes) as I forgot all about it. I knew I forgot to add something in the reminder. ^_^; Luckily the pilot got approved and they will be making six episodes for next year. I hope the show is improved though. Some elements seemed awkward. However, I love the idea of it, so much fun. I see Bruce Lee and anime influences in there or was that just me? read more »

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Is it me or has the Nabaztag been really weird this past week? Mine keeps playing things in the wrong order, especially the weather. There's nothing on the official site saying about a problem. I wonder what is the matter... Sad Poor bunny read more »

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