Lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli-pop-pop

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Been listening to lots of Tommy february6 this past week. She's so awesome. If you aren't familiar with her music, she sings 80's style pop in her own unique style with really catchy lyrics, frequently uses near perfect English grammar. Big Grin I could listen to her all day. Tommy is known to use symbols like ★♥● in her song titles. For example: ★CANDY POP IN LOVE★, ♡KISS♡ ONE MORE TIME and ○Strawberry●Cream○Soda●Pop○. I bought Strawberry Cream Soda Pop "Daydream" as well as Tommy heavenly6's Gothic Melting Ice Cream's Darkness "Nightmare" Blu-spec+DVD limited editions. I absolutely love the boxes. I'm glad I bought both. Big Grin The content is just so good. read more »

I did it for love

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Completed Tomb Raider Anniversary. It was quite fun on Wii. Took me so long to finish it because I hardly went on it due to loads of other games I prioritised and forgetting all about it due to university work last year. Now like ten months on I thought it was time to finally getting around to completing it. It's a great remake of the original but maybe a little too easy. Some levels I enjoyed more than the first and vice versa. Anyone else agree? The controls worked well and I love using the Wiimote to shoot. Big Grin Like to go back and unlock all the costumes. Since I got it done, I went on Underworld which I got at Christmas. Only been on it previously at the beginning of January for about twenty minutes but haven't touched it since. What happened? It's starting to look like Angel of Darkness 2. Sad Buggy and temperamental. I hate her new look. It's ugly. Blah! read more »

When the time comes, just act

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I've had to move to Acer Aspire One since the the laptop by brother gave me not too long ago was having some issues. They were different coloured lines going vertically up the screen which become very annoying. Not too sure if the slow speeds are to do with KDE4 being awkward or just the laptop itself getting old. KDE4 started out great on my Acer, but not that good now. Saturday I was unable to connect to the internet entirely. Some process just died (which launches the connection) and I'm still yet to fix it. Sad Seems to be a huge bug affecting a lot of users. Logged back on to my old laptop and it just did the same thing. :S They just did it all of a sudden! Before all that crap happened, there was a few things left to do until everything was back to how I usually have it. Sad I'm using GNOME instead until it gets fixed. Quite impressed that all my KDE applications work in it. Big Grin read more »

Unsung Heroes

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Sorry it's been so long since I last posted my blog. I've upgraded to Ubuntu 8 (from 7) and Open Office's spell checker stopped working. I just got it working. The problem was a package that needed installing called myspell-en-gb. I was just looking around on the Package Manager and just installed it to see if it worked and it did. read more »

Music of many languages

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I've just been thinking, my music collection has quite a range of languages. 80% is Japanese, 15% English, 4% Korean, 1% Chinese and one track in: Italian, Spanish and Serbian. My love will always be Japanese. I have English music because I speak native English. I like Will Smith, Queen, Take That and Marilyn Manson (that surprises a lot of people!), oh and Kylie Minogue. You can't go wrong with a bit of Kylie Tongue English music doesn't interest any more, as so much music sounds the same, but then I discovered Japanese music. I will never look back Happy It has a lot of variety and the Japanese aren't afraid to try something different. I have to admit I do not agree with their 10+ member girl bands. I saw a girl band with like 30 members in it. What's the point in that? You won't be able to tell who is singing what :S Other than that, you get very hot bands including abingdon boys school - my current obsession. The vocalist (known as T.M.Revolution from his solo days) has a gorgeous voice and is very easy to fall in love with. Their music is rock and it's very catchy. Big Grin read more »

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