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Finished all my university work now. I graduate September if all my grades go well Big Grin Got my final year project done just in time and my client has been having a little look at the website I made for him. It has a nice administration panel where you can add/edit users, add/edit content and some other minor things. The main site has logins where the user is restricted to certain pages and have subscriptions to their membership (all edited from the administration panel). It may not sound a lot but it took me a very long time to program. The sessions were very annoying as I have never used them before but got the hang of them after awhile. I worked very hard to get it all done, staying up three days straight (well, ish. Had a few one hour naps here and there). Staying up that long was hell. The constant urge to go to sleep. My mind wondered a lot, I couldn't considerate and I was very dizzy. I think I made a lot of mistakes but it all worked in the end. I guess this is the last time I use the university tag Happy

I have a Wii now. My brother bought me one for "doing well at university". I can play on it for ages without getting any pains in the wrist. The Wiimote is a great bit of technology and with the nunchuk adds more fun. It's great I can move both my hands and not always be stationary like a classic pad. Got a few neat games including Twilight Princess, Mario Kart (ask for my friend code), Cooking Mama, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Wii Sports. I'm expecting Super Smash Bros. Brawl next week Happy Also preordered the awesome Sam & Max: Season One.

Has everyone seen MGS4? Wow, it's awesome! I don't physically have the game but I watch my brother instead. Big Grin I was worried (among other fans) how different Otacon looks but he's still the same guy Happy Yay! He has some awesome codec moments (like usual) and I hope there is more to come. You may have come across the conversation Snake has with him talking about Blueray. Very funny Happy

Been into Kylie Minogue lately. I adore her music, some of my top favourites are; Wow, King Or Queen, In My Arms and 2 Hearts. I just bought the DVD version of her X album and haven't yet watched it. To "celebrate" my new love I made a Kylie sig and started to use it on the official forum on Kylie's website (which I haven't posted on much yet): Kylie Minogue sig

I've gotten some very nice comments on my sig already Happy It didn't take me too long to make it. I usually spend a few hours making graphics (usually doing something else at the same time). All my new graphics I make in GIMP. It just proves that you don't have to use Photoshop to create something decent and affective, it's the skills you have.

Also been into my Youtube Poop, especially videos on Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros. (cartoon), Zelda (CD-i) and Sonic the Hedgehog (cartoon). I've seen some hilarious and very rude MGS codec poops. I'm thinking to try out my own but haven't got around to installing some video software.

I ordered myself an Italian book to a few days ago as I fancy learning Italian. I love the sounds of the language and thought to at least give it try. I found a great book on Amazon which got good reviews, comes with two CD's and being only £9.99. If all goes well I will try and find a pen friend to help each other with teach our native languages. Happy


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Stacey is a 30 year old female who enjoys Playstation gaming, web development, scrapbooking, rabbits, action films, spending time with her boyfriend and Japanese music. She tries to spread her time equally across her domain and is always working on new projects (without forgetting the old!)

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Gretch 9 years ago

*waves* hi! first off, love the site. second and more importantly, i've been trying for the past few weeks to join your koda kumi fansite. everytime i try to sign up and hit submit a "this page does not exist" page comes up.

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coba 1 year ago ★ via Firefox Firefox on Linux Linux

:: coba
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Gretch 9 years ago

Replying to:

at first i thought your server might be down, but now that i know it's not, i'm contacting you here because it's the only way i know how. i'd really like to be a kumi fan too and hope you can fix the problem soon.


Gretch 9 years ago

you can contact me by email (emokidstastegood[at]gmail.com) or at my site (black-tokyo-rose.piczo.com)
hope to hear from you soon. ^_^
ps- sorry for taking 3 comments, but it wouldn't let me have it any other way

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coba 1 year ago ★ via Firefox Firefox on Linux Linux

:: coba
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