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Hey everybody! Long time no see. Wow, my last proper blog post was way back in February 2010. Surprised Time has flew by so fast and I've been doing lots of things. So what's been going on since then?

Well, for me, the biggest and newest thing in my life is my boyfriend, which I've been with in a long distance relationship since July 2010. It's very hard not being able to do the things I want, when I want. We see each other every 1-2 months or so and I find it tolerable.

Other than that, I have a few new hobbies. I now like papercraft (including cardmaking and scrapbooking) and make quite a lot of cards for birthdays, special occasions and for other people (all which I might start sharing online Tongue). I still play lots of games (mostly PS3) and now love trophy hunting. Since 2nd October 2012, I began streaming my gameplay on Twitch.tv which has been a really fun thing to have gotten into. I've just recently surpassed 55 followers too and have some amazing regulars. It's brilliant being able to communicate with people while playing and I've had many laughs along my various adventures.

My gorgeous Lionhead rabbit, Yuna is approaching her 9th birthday this May and I'm very proud of her. She's still the same loving and caring rabbit. Happy

Hoping to keep this going once a week. Have lots of things to say. See you all later~


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Stacey is a 30 year old female who enjoys Playstation gaming, web development, scrapbooking, rabbits, action films, spending time with her boyfriend and Japanese music. She tries to spread her time equally across her domain and is always working on new projects (without forgetting the old!)

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Infinite 4 years ago ★ via Chrome Chrome on OS X (Lion) OS X (Lion)

Tell Yuna happy birthday for me Happy Glsd to hear what's been going on since then...

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