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Installed Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.2 last week. Didn't get off to a great start with it. Something went wrong and it crashed but it since hasn't happened again. Maybe an update fixed it. Happy I'm glad I upgrade. KDE 4.2 is so much better than 4.1 and the version of Kubuntu is much faster. I've noticed suspending to disk and waking up is quicker. It's much more stable too and has some great new features. Big Grin Got all my stuff back up and running okay. Had some issues with the laptop mouse which I vaguely remember dealing with on 8.10. I don't personally use the laptop mouse because it hurts my finger. When the laptop mouse is touched, this weird error would disable the left mouse button on both the laptop and a USB mouse. I just edited xorg and disabled the laptop mouse entirely and haven't come across any further problems since.

I've since bought Penny Arcade Adventures episode 2 and completed it on both normal and insane. The improvements to the battle system are spot on. Enjoyed this episode better than the first. I thought it was funnier and had a stronger script. Insane mode is genius, I love it but it's wasn't as hard as I was hoping it to be. Much of it isn't really a challenge. Looking forward to episode three now. Happy It's a shame you don't get a trophy for completing it on insane or by changing the difficulty in normal mode. Just missing two trophies. Tongue

Went on Home for the first time. Not a too bad experience. Some weirdos on there who keep following me around. Sad Met a nice girl there who I have befriended me. Going to play together on LittleBigPlanet. The only problem with the Home system itself is the speed. It just takes ages to load. When you change area, you have to download it which is usually 36MB in size. I don't see why it just doesn't save it to HD. It's not like they've changed anything to the location itself.

Been reading the Bourne trilogy which is a huge 1400 page book with Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum. Still on Identity, up to chapter fifteen as of the time of writing. It's a great read. Having seen the films first, you can easily spot the differences. Marie is very different, much more intelligent and deeper than her film persona but that may be due to issues with running time.

Tried out Chromium. Found and installed a .deb build. It saved me so much time and disk space since I didn't have to compile it myself. Big Grin It's a stable and fast browser. Some features are unavailable yet but it's merely for testing purposes. It's lightweight and easy to use. It won't be replacing Firefox because I have so many add-ons and stuff I use everyday. Tongue Had no problems with it up to now. Haven't found any of my own bugs to report yet. Tongue

Received inFamous special edition on Tuesday. Really enjoying it. Big Grin Great gameplay which keeps you coming back for more. Love all the freedom you get in the city.

You've been warned. Now is my Windows Vista rant. Been using it at my work placement. It is a train wreck, seriously. I'm used to multitasking in Linux but Windows simply can't do more than one task at a time without going completely mental. Don't say that it is just a slow machine. I'm using Linux on my Acer Aspire One netbook and it's much faster than the desktop PC during Windows. Just installing a simple program causes the message “not responding” in that program's toolbar even though I'm not touching the system at all. I've probably spend more time waiting for things to load and software to reload after crashing for no reason. It really is shocking. I'm so glad I dumped this piece of crap. I've got so much more stuff done. Okay, I'm done now.


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Stacey is a 30 year old female who enjoys Playstation gaming, web development, scrapbooking, rabbits, action films, spending time with her boyfriend and Japanese music. She tries to spread her time equally across her domain and is always working on new projects (without forgetting the old!)

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