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Mario Power Tennis for Wii came in the post last week. I am a little disappointed with it due to the temperamental motion controls. Nintendo should have waited and released it using the MotionPlus instead. The game itself is good with some great minigames and lots of replay value but some days I just can't be bothered with the crappy controls. I think the AI is a little off - perfect for easy and intermediate as the computer is a little stupid but harder modes I'm not too sure. With the controls it can be quite hard.

Completed Starfox Adventures. Spoiler start Andross was quite easy after quickly figuring out his tactic. Once I worked it out, he didn't seem to have much substance after that. Oh well. The game wasn't really about the final boss on the Arwing. Great to see good old Falco though. Happy Have to be honest though, was expecting more from the ending but it was cute seeing Fox all embarrassed over Krystal. Spoiler end

Finally achieved a perfect town on Animal Crossing. All I needed was some more flowers and to cut down a few trees. Still a lot of grass needs to grow back until I'm completely happy with my town. Happy

Got Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak and I love it. It's so good. Happy Some fans moan that it is nothing like his previous work but I admire him for trying something different and it really works. My favourites from the album include; Say You Will, Heartless, Love Lockdown, See You In My Nightmares (most played) and Coldest Winter. Love

Saw Watchmen last Sunday. Noticed the first half of the film was pretty much like the comic while the second had changes - some I liked, some I didn't. Spoiler start I was more bothered by the things missed out though. I didn't like it when Rorschach opened up to Dr. Malcolm Long, it was cut short to just one session. What I did like though was when Rorschach was killed by Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl II comes outside sees the murder and screams. If you remember in the comic, Nite Owl II remains inside with Ozymandias. I loved the emotion Jackie Earl Haley gave Rorschach's final lines. I didn't expect the sadness he gave and it really added to the effect. He did an amazing job. Happy Spoiler end


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