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I've had to move to Acer Aspire One since the the laptop by brother gave me not too long ago was having some issues. They were different coloured lines going vertically up the screen which become very annoying. Not too sure if the slow speeds are to do with KDE4 being awkward or just the laptop itself getting old. KDE4 started out great on my Acer, but not that good now. Saturday I was unable to connect to the internet entirely. Some process just died (which launches the connection) and I'm still yet to fix it. Sad Seems to be a huge bug affecting a lot of users. Logged back on to my old laptop and it just did the same thing. :S They just did it all of a sudden! Before all that crap happened, there was a few things left to do until everything was back to how I usually have it. Sad I'm using GNOME instead until it gets fixed. Quite impressed that all my KDE applications work in it. Big Grin

Finally received my iPhone. After having issues with its arrival and my SIM card, it was all sorted out on Thursday. I want to put lots of software on it and develop on it too. I like how you send/receive a text, it displays it like a conversation, making it easily to check back. I've ordered a screen protector and a black pouch to stop scratching it. Big Grin

I've been strangely addicted to Starfox Assault the past few days. I spent most of Wednesday and Saturday playing through the missions to beat my high scores and been all the way through survival. Just been getting my silver medals. Have all the bronze (which was easy enough). I'm getting pretty good at the on-foot missions but no matter how good you are, the controls are still terrible. Sad Most of the time I stick to levels with Arwings only. Could be getting just like Falco, prefering the skies. Tongue

March is going to be an awesome month. BoA and Utada are releasing their English language albums. Happy It's really exciting. I have no idea if they are going to be released in the UK but I keep looking and hoping to see them on Amazon or something. I wish them lots of luck to make at least a moderate impact on the public. I'll be buying them both of course. Big Grin

Watched quite a lot of YouTube poop's lately. Haven't been keeping up with them for about a month. There's this Super Smash Bros. poop called SSBB is pretty gay by KroboProductions which caught my attention. The title is misleading (if you are having second thoughts about looking at it yourself). It's a funny arrangement of sounds from Brawl to suggest things. My favourite quote has to be when Falco says, "Hands off my piece of cake". Classic. Tongue Have to admit that not all YouTube poops are for me. I tend to like structure over randomness and they need to be in good taste. You can check out my favourites. Most of them cover Mario, Legend of Zelda (CD-i and cartoon), Sonic and Metal Gear Solid. Send me a message if you have any recommendations. Just been sorting out some video software so I can try to make my own poops, so watch out for that. Tongue Probably be posting about that during development. Big Grin


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