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Got myself the cutest chocobo plush from the upcoming Wii game, Chocobo's Dungeon (which I should receive on Friday) is dressed as a black mage for £5. He's gorgeous. I've wanted a chocobo for a long time and I'm so happy to have him a part of my family. The next plush I want to buy is Meta Knight from the Kirby series. Happy My brother me Kirby Super Star Ultra so we can play together. I'm enjoying the game so far. The mini games are great fun. Big Grin Kirby is irresistibly cute as usual.

Been playing Star Fox 64, which I bought from the Wii Shop for 1000 points (£7). I love the game, it's amazing. WTF is wrong with Slippy's voice? :S Has some teenage kid from Newgrounds recorded it? After all, he is "special" (lol if you've seen Brawl Taunts and More Brawl Taunts). After been completely terrible at it, I am now very good and can get through the game without losing a life. I haven't been to all locations yet though, so I hope to keep on getting better so I can visit them all. I'm definitely a Falco Lombardi nut now, so watch out for a layout featuring him in the near future.

I've been trying to learn how to read and write in Korean so I read along to Younha's lyrics without looking at romanised versions. Learnt so far: 아, 야, 어, 여 and 이. Still a lot more to go, so I better get on with them. Big Grin


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Stacey is a 30 year old female who enjoys Playstation gaming, web development, scrapbooking, rabbits, action films, spending time with her boyfriend and Japanese music. She tries to spread her time equally across her domain and is always working on new projects (without forgetting the old!)

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