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Sorry it's been so long since I last posted my blog. I've upgraded to Ubuntu 8 (from 7) and Open Office's spell checker stopped working. I just got it working. The problem was a package that needed installing called myspell-en-gb. I was just looking around on the Package Manager and just installed it to see if it worked and it did.

Finished Phoenix Wright (yes the first game). It's amazing (and I wish I could have got a hold of that first before playing the second). The fifth case surprised me. Good plot, good courtroom battle and awesome playing time. Ema is a great character. Who knows, I might cosplay her in the future or not. Tongue Still Edgeworth is Love. I'm onto Trials and Tribulations now. I got Apollo Justice a few weeks ago but I've put it down for now to finish Trials and Tribulations first.

Still waiting patiently for Sam & Max on Wii. It's already been released in America but no official European date. A few UK online shops claim it comes out 14th November but that seems more believe since the American version has finally been released. Please buy it so Telltale Games will port season two!

Heroes returned to BBC Two on the 1st October. Big Grin It seemed like it was gone for so long. Sad I was a little disappointed with the last season since it wasn't a proper 20+ episode series. I heard season three is awesome. I was quite happy with it so far. Anyone noticed Mohinder isn't as awesome as he used to be? Sad He went downhill in season two. Although, Hiro is cute and sweet like always. Happy

Really been into the Unit recently. Got the season two box set the other day and made my way through it in a few days. I don't know what it is about it, but I love It. The guys keep secrets about their missions and their wives have everyday secrets too. Season three has finished airing on Virgin One. My favourite characters are Bob (Scott Foley) and Jonas (Dennis Haysbert).

I've been obsessed with B'z, Leah Dizon and Monkey Majik lately. B'z does amazing rock music and are very popular in Japan, who debuted twenty years ago. I love them very much. I've just ordered their album Loose and 7th Blues. I have all their albums from 7th Blues to Action now and one mini album, Friends II. I plan to get all their studio albums in the very near future. Happy Leah Dizon, on the other hand, appears very popular but her most recent single and album hasn't sold as good as her previous stuff. Her new album Communication!!! is awesome, much better than her debut (in my opinion). Her legion of fans must be located outside of Japan. Monkey Majik, just had their first #1 album TIME (which I sadly haven't got around to purchasing yet Sad). I love their fusion of English and Japanese in their songs. Monkey Majik are special though. Let's say, you've never seen band members like this. Two Canadian brothers and two Japanese. The Canadian guys do the vocals Big Grin

Has anyone heard of the webcomic, Garfield Minus Garfield? Well (if you haven't) it is basically the original Garfield comic but with Garfield himself edited out leaving Jon (Garfield's owner if you didn't know) talking to himself. Although they are usually hilarious, it can be utterly depressing. I really enjoy edited Garfield comics especially when the speech bubbles are changed completely to convey a X-rated comments. I uploaded one of my own edited Garfield comics to Uncyclopedia a little while ago. I hope it gets a good reception and maybe a laugh or two if I'm lucky. Happy

Been playing around with Linux-native software and picked up vector software, Inkscape. I did a bit of vector work at college and got used to drawing in Adobe Illustrator. When I left college for university I never touched it again. Now I've finished university, I fancied doing illustrations in vector again. My brother told me about Inkscape which I read about and decided to give it a try. It's very good software. Has some great scripts. Been creating a Sam & Max picture which I'll be making into a wallpaper.

I recently got the Mighty Boosh on DVD. I've only seen a few episodes here and there on TV. I saw the boxset sometime ago but I went to order it and the price doubled. >_< This time I remembered to order it and got a good deal. It's awesome, fresh and completely original. There's nothing like it on TV.


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