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This is a personal blog written in first person perspective. It's used to talk about interests, hobbies and everyday life. Everything is written by the webmistress including the blog system itself, exclusively coded for this domain. It's a work in progress and everything is being improved on all the time.

What's new?

5/11/14 - You can now reply to comments which are tabbed for presentation. There's also been some major changes to the add comment form including some formatting arrangements and improved accessibility. Subjects and your own Gravatar account is also available to use on comments.

Future Plans

I'm interested in implementing Twitter, Facebook and/or Google logins. It looks like a big job, so it may or may not happen in the future. Other changes will probably be formatting improvements. No further plans to add at the moment.

10th Anniversary

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Today is a very special day as cardcaptorstacey.co.uk was born. Was a very exciting day. It was a start of something new, something I never expected and would like to experience all over again. read more »

A survivor is born

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Hey everybody! Long time no see. Wow, my last proper blog post was way back in February 2010. Surprised Time has flew by so fast and I've been doing lots of things. So what's been going on since then? read more »

Year of the Dragon

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Would like to wish all my visitors, a very Happy New Year! read more »


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